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When you’re busy running a business, operational concerns can drop down the to-do list. That’s where my expertise and insight come in.

I make sure ambitious SMEs have solid foundations for growth. Which means you can focus on what you do best and leave the rest with me.

I have been working with Ronnie for a few months now, and she’s become an integral part of Ambience’s business. Ronnie has reviewed and streamlined the business’ systems. Implementing new system to increase efficiency. This has made our workflow easier and more manageable allowing us to further grow the business, and operate in a more professional way. With Ronnie’s guidance, we now have clear financial targets, a revenue forecast and control over our expenditure. Ronnie’s people experience has been invaluable in supporting our hiring strategies and building structured training programs for new staff. Ronnie has also been working with our web design company to push our website project (which had been unfinished for almost 12 months), across the line. She’s supported us with the content and been the interface between Ambience and the designers. I have been able to completely trust Ronnie to move things forward, giving me more space and time to concentrate on growing my business.
Gary Williams, Owner, Ambience Catering
As a sole trading carpenter, I was a ‘busy fool’ producing quality work that was too cheap. Ronnie came along and quickly understood how I could improve my image, cashflow, customer ‘experience’ and make a profit. She broke down the processes of my business in to simple steps maintaining quality standards. She introduced professionalism and processes to what was essentially a ‘cottage industry’. Ronnie was very trustworthy and straightforward and helped me see where I could improve. She helped me understand that every hour has a value and that I couldn’t give work away for free. She brought energy and positivity, even when things were difficult. She is driven, honest and efficient and is always 100% committed to what she’s doing. Ronnie taught me that if I chase the money I’m not necessarily going to do the job right, but that if I do the job right, the money will chase me. I would definitely recommend Ronnie and her services.
Henry Ainsley, Master Cabinetmaker and Carpenter
We’re a well-established small business. Ronnie came in and very quickly reviewed our office procedures and set about restructuring them, so that the business was compliant with all statutory legislation requirements. She met the staff, discussed issues and ensured that the structure she introduced suited all parties. Ronnie was a bubble of joy whilst working in my office and surpassed my objectives of getting the business structure onto the right tracks.
Milan Babic, Director of Milan Babic Architects

How I can help

From the way you communicate to general compliance, I offer pragmatic advice and original ideas that will simplify and structure the way ahead.

Getting to know you

I ask the right questions and spend time on site working out what's best for you, your company and most importantly your clients

Identifying your issues

What’s missing, what’s in a muddle, and what you need to think about next. All presented to you in plain english.

Implementing solutions

I’ll find simple solutions to tasks that daunt you, and I’ll ease the chore of the jobs you try hard to ignore.

Seeing things differently

Sometimes clients need a new direction. I offer an objective sounding board and coaching support to help you find your way.

My credentials

Whatever you throw at me, I’ll accept the challenge with enthusiasm. There’s always a solution, there’s always a better way – and I’ll work tirelessly with you to find it. But that’s not all..

I have 25 years’ experience helping companies do well. My long and successful career has taken me all over. I’ve worked across a huge variety of sectors and for companies at all stages of development. From charity to media, Big 4 accounting to a one-man-band builder – my brain is well worth picking.

I understand the challenges of an SME. I know all about the steep learning curve when you start out. I’ve experienced first hand the growing pains when a business moves faster than it’s prepared for. And I know operations probably isn’t why you went into business in the first place. So you can have confidence my solutions will address your specific concerns and start to make improvements from day one.

I’m the voice of reason. That’s what my clients tell me. I’m proud to offer common sense advice when heads are being lost. You can rely on me to return every call quickly, and I’m always ready to bounce ideas. So no matter how chaotic things may at times seem, improving your operations will be a smoother process than you imagine.

What I can do

New ventures aren’t locked into bad habits that could hold them back. So there’s no better time to introduce a fresh perspective and new ideas. I’m ready if you are.

Keeping track of finances needn’t be a headache. I can advise you on who should look after what, source and implement online management tools and provide structure so invoices are paid swiftly. Soon this side of your business will take care of itself.

Many business owners lose sleep over compliance. So let me worry about it instead. From HMRC to Health & Safety, I understand exactly what’s required and in what measure.

Never underestimate the importance of your brand. Are your comms working hard enough? Is your website ready for mobile? With many years’ experience working in top London marketing and advertising agencies, I have the expertise and contacts to make sure you get your messaging right.

A successful business relies on great people. SMEs come to me for cost-effective hiring strategies, training and induction programmes, one-on-one coaching and much more.

Keen to know more? Let’s chat

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